What is the Trump Network?

by J.Crawford on May 3, 2010

If your looking at successful home business ideas and you haven’t been in a cave for the last 6 months you’ve probably seen the Trump Network Opportunity. So What is the Trump Network, you might be asking. I did some poking around and while I don’t usually blog about specific network marketing opportunities, I thought I’d do my best to let you know what the Trump Network is all about.

In case your wonder the Trump Network is a network marketing opportunity with none other than Donald J. Trumphimself. Donald Trump acquired the 12 year old company Ideal Healthwho boosts an impressive line of health and wellness products, the flag ship being a custom designed vitamin based on your own urine analysis call “Custom Essentials” I thought this was pretty cool.


What is The Trump Network?

Well as a means of marketing and distributing the products Trump created a network marketing opportunity that launched in October of 2009.  The trump network is proving to be one of the best network marketing opportunities to join in 2010, or one of the most popular at least. I’ve done some looking into the compensation plan and it looks good.  It appears they have done their homework with regards to the FTC and the compensation plan is unique in that it has a “GPT” (get paid today) elements along with a hefty residual income plan.

Network marketing has long been one of the most popular means to entrepreneurship and the industry has create many millionaires and much wealth.  As with all things, being successful in network marketing and the Trump Network will take real work so keep that in mind if your looking into the trump network.

You might wonder, what is the trump network offering that any other network marketing opportunity isn’t.  Well for the first, and I’d have to say only time, in recent history a VERY well known person is personally branding a network marketing company.  This could have serious advantages for getting people who may not have otherwise joined an network marketing company to take another look. What is the trump network doing about assisting marketers who want to build a solid team of distributors?  Well, I’d say plenty.  The websites and teams I’ve evaluated online are very proactive about mentoring new marketing and helping seasoned marketer get up to speed on the Internet.

If You Would Like to learn More About the Trump Network You Can Email ME at intentions@createliberty.com put TrumpNetwork in the Message.

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