What’s the Best Small Business to Start in 2011 For 2012?

by J.Crawford on July 31, 2011

My Title: ” What’s the Best Small Business to Start in 2011, for 2012” is partly a question and partly an answer to an email I received last week, an email that is quite frequent in varied ways.  I have several people ask via comments on this website, email, and telephone calls what the best way to start a home business is, or they might ask what is the best small business to start right now. It’s almost like having someone ask what the hottest band is right now or the best CD to buy at virgin.

Let’s face it we are in the age of the “Start-up” so to speak.   Starting a small business today can cost as little as a hundred bucks or so and more and more people everyday are looking at becoming an entrepreneur as a serious option.  I don’t have an industry or specific franchise business idea, or anything of the like to recommend.  I like the Internet and business models that utilize the Internet to make money.  I’m always asked to put that in a box. It’s tough.  I wrote an article quite a while back that became very popular on the Internet, it was titled, “ The Best Business to Start for a Beginner in 2011” You can go read that and learn what I feel are some of most important criteria for deciding what the best business to start is given you particular situation.

Another popular article I read talked about the most successful Internet businesses to start and gave three examples. Either way you chalk it up you have to be forward thinking enough and patient enough to know that any business you start in the next few months won’t pay off for a while.  At the beginning that’s a pain, but it’s also what creates opportunity in the long run.  If it were easy, everyone would do it right?  I mean if you were guaranteed a paycheck next week, it wouldn’t be a business it would be a job, right?

Choosing the best business to start is often times more practical than entrepreneurial, I get that. …. And I’ve done that, I know how it works.  One of the things I always like to tell people is to think about what they really want.  Most of us want to feel successful, we want to apply ourselves and we really do want to achieve.  When you start a small business it really pays to think about what you want the business to provide for you.  Most of us are more than willing to pour our hearts and souls into a new business idea, but what are you expecting it give back in return?  Many business ideas will never give you time freedom.  For example, success in a service type business will usually only earn you more work.  Everyone will want YOU to do their landscaping or replace their muffler, is that success to you?


The business I manage online is great. It is specifically designed to do exactly what I  want it to do and it performs very well. I’m not exactly sure what you would call it or what box you would put it in, I’ve wrote extensively on what I feel the best Internet business model is online. I wrote another article on Internet business ideas that make money, it gives you a couple way to start making money online.

There are literally thousand of good ways to make money online, and I even wrote a post titled  “Step by Step Way to Make Money Online“…. Imagine that.  there are business opportunities that are packaged for people who already have jobs, there are small business franchise ideas that thousands are starting every month, there are literally thousand of smart ways to start a business in in 2011, but most all of them won’t offer rewards until 2012, so get started right away.

While your here share with us you opinions and ideas about what you feel is the best small business to start in 2011 or share you new 2012 business ideas in the comments.

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