Why Home Based Small Business Ideas Make Sense

by J.Crawford on May 4, 2010

Over the last several years I’ve created a successful home business and CreateLiberty.Com has been a solid contributing factor in that success.  Most successful small businesses have a few key elements that make them spin and for my home based business one of the best business ideas I’ve implemented was starting this site.

To be quite frank, I had absolutely no clue what I was going when I started the site.  I was primarily looking at green business ideas at the time and was hoping to find a few home based business ideas that were also in the green, Eco friendly, or sustainable “niche”…. I couldn’t find anything suitable at the time but I did get an up close look at all the successful businesses and business opportunities online and Man were they a ton of home business ideas online, probably more today.

Why are People Starting Home Based Small Businesses?

Well there is always the “RAT RACE” card we could play here, but…

Small Business Start Up Card

People are finding that the Internet makes it possible to take small business ideas that were once accompanied by several hundred thousand dollars in start up capital, scale them down and create a successful home based business at a fraction of the cost.  I’d say this is the top reason starting a work at home based business makes sense, and the same one that has so many people becoming home based entrepreneurs.

Another thing I see more and more is people taking their own small business ideasand using the Internet to start the business.  In some cases they don’t even have a traditional store front. I’d say the most popular use online entrepreneurs are taking advantage of on the Internet is lead generation.

Are Home Based Businesses Green?

In many ways a home based business is one of the top unnoticed green business ideas.  It is absolutely amazing at the lack of waste I’ve experience with my more green home based business compared to a traditional business I ran for over 8 years.  Think about this:

  • I don’t buy gas because I work at home.
  • I don’t use hardly any paper at all…everything is digital.
  • I have more time and eat better, supporting green food practices.
  • I have no material needs for what I produce.
  • I don’t have a lease and haven’t need to purchase a separate building.

Another reason it just makes sense to start a home based business is because its smart to have a plan B and most folks just don’t.  In some areas the economy has really put a strain on people having a plan B and another source of steady income is one of the best ideas to think about starting your own home business.  As I mentioned, home based business ideas are everywhere and they just keep getting more relevant everyday.  What happens if you start a turnkey type home business and something happens?  Let’s say the company fails or they don’t innovate and offer new products or services and over time the opportunity isn’t as good?  Well you find a new business to promote.  One of the things I help people with is learning how to “own” their marketing machine so they have a secure business that flexible.  I highly recommend anyone who starts a home business opportunity also start a website or blog. I use the Word Press content management system and just love it.  If you need assistance with starting a blog, get in touch, I can personally be reached at joecrawfordonline@gmail.com

The best new business ideas all talk about providing everything you need to get your business up and rolling.  They talk about simple business systems that save time and allow any experience level to get their business started fast and earning money quickly, and they do, BUT…. If you don’t own your own marketing system your at the whim of the buisness opportunity your affiliated with and I don’t recommend it.  This one idea (by chance) saved me from a bad experience in the home business world a few years back.  The small network of sites I started back in 2007 are a profitable home business model themselves and I’m grateful I have them.  So again, start your own website or blog.  There is a ton of great information for free online about starting a blog or website.  You don’t have an excuse.  You can use the systems and tool provided they might be great, just be working at your own website too and brand yourself!  There is a ton of information on the subject on the Internet, look for personal branding methods on google.

If your like I was a few years back, scouring the Internet looking for successful home business I could start, get in touch via the successful home business page and I’ll get you more information on starting your very own home business, the information is completely FREE.

If you know Internet marketing and and are looking for a way put those skills to use and make money from home… you should check out the page as well, maybe you could partner with CreateLiberty.Com and myself… I’m looking for leaders who bring something to the table…. if that’s you, let’s connect!

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