Why New Business Ideas Are the Most Successful Small Businesses

by J.Crawford on February 15, 2012

Ever notice the way new business ideas always seem like the most successful small businesses?  I have and I wanted to share some tips to capitalize on this New Business Ideaapparent trend.  When I think of the top new businesses I think of companies like Face book, twitter,and google though they weren’t started last week they are new businesses compared to the icons of the past.  I’m also talking about the small start ups you see around your home town and when you travel.  Granted there are exceptions to my assertion that new businesses are the most successful.  I’m reminded of a place in Missouri called Lambert’s “Home of the Throw-ed Rolls” where they literally throw dinner rolls across the restaurant when you ask for one, they cook mean catfish too.  Lambert’s has been around forever and they are one of the most successful restaurants I’ve ever eaten at.  They are successful because they have a very unique position in the market place and market well, but they aren’t new.

Why New Business Ideas Seem the Most Successful

The top reason these new business ideas are so successful is because they are new.  Really, people are curious and the new kid in town always gets the benefit of the curiosity customer.  People want to come and check it out.  Over the last decade we have become gluttons for new and the best businesses take advantage of this fact and are far more successful because of it.

Proof “New” is the Best Business Strategy

Do this, list the top companies you can think of in your head and then look for the “new” element in their business model.  Then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do so many people go to Face book so often?
  2. Why is twitter so popular?
  3. Why do people by the iPhone?
  4. What makes apple so profitable and huge?
  5. Why is eBay so popular?

So what’s the common thread to a logical answer to these questions?  They all offer something new that wasn’t there yesterday.  If Face book was the same in 3 hours as it is know you wouldn’t bother taking a peek would you?  If the iPhone was simply a new type of phone you may buy one but chances are you wouldn’t buy one every 16 months, right?  EBay always has new items added everyday and that keeps people coming back over and over.  New business ideas aren’t just “new” in the sense that the company was started last week, it’s about the culture, the product and the way it’s offered.

In the last decade consumers have changed and the entrepreneurs who noticed it an accommodated are the most successful small businesses today.  Some of these are new business ideas in the sense that they were started in the last few years but the “new” element in the business model is what is powerful to me.  My Internet business takes me on far and wide adventures around the web and I find that the new business ideas that are most successful are the ones who feed this insatiable appetite that the new consumer has.  The top websites online in terms of traffic publish more often, the have new content and lot’s of it.  Aweber auto responder just rolled out a new contact form generator, and the list goes on and on.

How to Make Your Business New and More Successful

So what does all this mean if your business isn’t necessarily a new business idea, what can you do to capitalize on the “new” trend?  Here are some things I’ve learned about keeping the interest of current customers and attracting new ones.  You should likely be able to implement at least one of these in your small business whether it’s off line or an Internet business.

  1. Make constant redesign and product offering changes while keeping your core business model in tact.  Let’s say you have a restaurant with regular customers. You want to continue to serve your base customers but you could add a market fresh entree of the DAY instead of week to increase the curiosity and “new” level in your business.  You could have a daily saying on your outdoor sign (quote or phrase)  that people will become accustom to looking for each day. Under it, you can add a compelling marketing message for your restaurant.  The idea is to create something people will talk about, funny works well and so does clever and controversial.
  2. Constantly innovate and create new products that add to what you already offer.  Apple is the best at this and are one of the biggest and most successful companies world wide because of it.  The key to their success in part is making a product that wasn’t consumable into a consumable product that is re-purchased each year or even more often than that.  They also have a wide array of complimentary products for their phones, ipads, ipods and other offerings.  Always be innovating.
  3. Maybe your a professional entrepreneur like a lawyer, accountant, or doctor.  One way to tap into the power of the new business idea is to write a column for the local paper telling a industry related story each week.  Again, make it funny, clever, or controversial to get people talking about it.  Obviously not everyone can do this because the paper only has so many pages but you could do it on your website.  Sharing fun facts or things for kids is great way to offer your potential customers of clients value and help keep your business new in their mind.
  4. If you have an Internet business then simply creating more content is one way (the most obvious) to provide the new that your audience needs.  Additionally any of these businesses can have a vibrant social community and it doesn’t need to be directly related to your business.  Obviously having unique content updated frequently that isn’t found all over the web is a top way to help your Internet business ad value.  Membership sites come to mind and they are a great Internet business idea that are also a new business idea with updated monthly content that members are willing to pay for.  Developing ways to keep current customers and get them talking is crucial to ongoing business success and keeping your business new. Remember it’s your business so figure it out and enjoy the benefits.

There are lot’s of creative ways you can position your small business as the new business idea and always be reinventing yourself to stay fresh in your clients or customers minds.  Most successful small businesses in the future will need to be doing this.  The goal has to be best in class to become or remain successful and doing this has to involve doing something new constantly.  Ask yourself ~ What would people love to do every day but aren’t right now because there isn’t a way and how could I do that in my business?  Good luck with your new business idea and all the best in building the most successful small business you can this year.

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