Why 75% Plus People Think Home Businesses are Scams

by J.Crawford on May 4, 2010

Home businesses are one of the best business ideas for people looking to spend under $500 dollars and this isn’t the only benefit of legitimate home based business.  Most successful business start ups are in one way or another connected to the service industry and the service industry usually means customers and employees and problems, problems, problems.  At the outset of most small businesses an entrepreneur waits anxiously to solve or deal with any problem that arises but with the lack of good systems in a majority of start ups, this willingness tends to wane.  What’s often left is a burnt out entrepreneur with nothing to show for the tremendous effort that running a traditional business takes…

This story isn’t theory, I’ve lived it and so have you or someone close to you.  We humans tend to think in terms of comparison most often and this phenomena keeps people struggling with their self imposed situation because it’s better than where they came from.  I think this is one example of when a person is looking or willing to look at something different.  Sound credible?

One of the most difficult things for me to believe or understand about the home business opportunity phenomena was that people with way less business experience, ambition, and common sense than me were making a ton of money in the home business industry and working 1/3 of what I HAD to work just to keep a traditional business in the commercial construction industry spinning…. You see that comparison thinking?

My first personal experience with a home business was back in 2006.  I actually started a business that was a little north of $500 bust close to it.  I remember thinking, more than anything else, is this going to work?

The idea was so far foreign to me and here is why.  Looking back, I’ve realized that I thought that making a ton of money in this business was going to be easy and I just don’t believe that making a ton of money is easy.  It’s an internal thing I’ve heard put about a dozen different ways, but the point is this, it wasn’t EASY!

The Confusion with Home Business Opportunities

For me the confusion that clouded my perspective of the business opportunity came from to sources:

  • The Marketing Process and Information
  • Conversations with Top Earners

First of the best home business opportunities have great marketing systems that deliver the company information in an accurate and streamlined way, so you don’t have to.  That said, I interpreted the business to be easy based on the simplicity of the systems and I was wrong.  For me it wasn’t easy, but as you’ve probably guessed, the folks who were making a ton of money and had been at it for several months or years were experiencing something completely different, for them it was a cake walk, and a literal fulfillment of their life long dreams.  It’s all about perspective, they had learned what they needed to learn and were doing what they needed to do in order to make their own business profitable and fun. I hadn’t….Yet.

The second source of confusion was the conversations I had with top earners in the home based business industry.  Again to them it was easy, they had a handle on cash flow, lead generation training new associates and the rest of the critical elements of a lucrative online business opportunity, and I hadn’t. I think it was a case of trust.  The folks I was looking to at the time for advice were so far ahead of me I couldn’t see what they were saying, I just didn’t relate.  I also adopted their goals as my own and was frustrated most of the time because of it.

I guess I wanted to acknowledge that I understand how it is very difficult for an intelligent person who is also successful to understand how you can find a home business opportunity to start for under $ 500 bucks and actually be earning 20k a month before the years end.  Quite frankly it sounds like a bunch of bullshit and that’s one of reasons I steer clear of it in my own marketing.  Just because something is true and you deem it to be motivating and inspiring, doesn’t mean the guy or gal you’re talking to will.  There is a tip if your building a home based business online.

Why People Think Home Businesses Are Scams

In case you’ve ever wondered why many people won’t look at home business ideas or even the best network marketing opportunities, it’s because they think they are scams.  One of the main reasons people label all home business opportunities scams is because of the ideas I just wrote about.  They don’t understand, it doesn’t make sense, so they need to call it something and the word “scam” pops up.  I have to confess thinking the same thing years ago.  Before I had any idea of what really went into being successful in a home business or the tremendous amount of hard work and excellence that went in to building the parent company and a quality line of products or services, I just figured they were all scams.

So what does that mean to you as someone looking to start a successful home business or maybe you’re already marketing and promoting a business opportunity?  Well it’s up to you what that means.  Here is how I approach it:

I Don’t.

I just don’t. I rely on attraction marketing and do it mostly online, in other words I don’t talk to people who don’t want to talk to me.  It is very rare that I meet with a “scam objection” and if I did, I would change my marketing. Let your marketing system sort, let it do its job.

Would you like to know what I think is the most powerful marketing technique available on the Internet today?

Quiet Honesty

Seriously, quiet honesty is so rare on the Internet marketing scene it gets noticed like a bank account error in your favor and people (who know better) come looking anyway just on the off chance you mean business. (So Make Sure You Do!)

If you’re a success minded person with some experience in building a home business, Internet marketing, network marketing, social media or just want to get involved and start building your own business, I’d like to chat with you.

I have a survey on the successful home business opportunity page (which I prefer) or you could email me at intentions@createliberty.com

All the Best…And Make it a Great Year!

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