Why the Best Small Businesses to Start Are Home Based

by J.Crawford on January 16, 2010


It's Not So Complicated Now Is It?

It's Not So Complicated Now Is It?

I love encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit, especially in aspiring business owners.  I thought I’d share my ideas on why the best small businesses to start are often home based.  Many, maybe most, people who are looking to start  a small business are in an employee situation, they got a job.  This brings us to the first reason that home based business ideas are tops on the small business start up list.

The cool thing about a job is that the hours you spend there are often set and scheduling time to work on your home business is really just a decision in discipline.  Starting  small businesses is no easy undertaking and a significant amount of time will usually be required, especially in the start  up phase.  If your crunched for time and you might think of  a business idea that only requires a few hours a week.  Blogging comes to mind as one idea. If your a writer you could start a web publishing business and publish articles to make money from home on your computer.  Earning several thousand dollars a month with a simple home business is nothing to scoff at,  the business model is so much more efficient that half the revenue can generate the same profits as a traditional brick and mortar business.

Most successful small businesses were made that way by someone, like you, being willing to put forth the required effort to get the business off the ground.  Starting a home based small business is a great way to capitalize on any free time you might have and its also a great way to make your money go farther.  We have two resources, time and money, and this is why the best small businesses to start are ones utilizing a home based business model. 

Think of the travel time to and from your retail or office space you may lease.  Think of all the times you only have 45 minutes or an hour so you decide not to go in.  Think of all the late night ideas that could really make your business more successful.  You’d be missing out on these opportunities if you weren’t home based not to mention the costs associated with renting or buying a building to operate from.

Granted not all small businesses can be run from home but many that aren’t could be, could yours?

I have a nephew living in Colorado who started a small business from home making knitted hats that are real popular with the snowboard crowd out there.  If he were tying to pay a monthly lease to have space to knit these hats there is no way he could do it.

Some of the best small businesses to start from home include:

  • Consulting
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Publishing
  • Blogging
  • Creating Information Products
  • Editing
  • Creating Web Content
  • Small Service Type Businesses
  • Direct Sales Business Opportunities
  • Network and Affiliate Marketing

All of these business ideas can be successful small businesses that operate best right from your home office.  Know of a few more to add to the list? I’m not saying home based businesses are easy businesses to start, I just think they are a more practical business start up for many people and for obvious reasons.

I think a ton of people have grand plans to start the ultimate business “one day”, problem is, one day never comes.  Ask yourself, ” What could I do today to get this business started”.  Many of use the lack of capital as the number one reason not to start a small business.  Creative financing for small business abounds, and many solid home business ideas can be started with very little start up capital.

When it comes right down to it most successful small businesses could be started from home and started in a way that capitalizes on natural growth instead of wasted dollars, hours and head aches trying to pay the bills.

I’ve created a few different income streams online from my home office, none of which really have any overhead to speak of.  I don’t have any employees and no bills that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  The other nice thing about starting a home based business is that it is often times scalable.  In order to make more money you can hire an employee, or better yet outsource it to a like minded individual who wants to work from home.

Share with us your experience on starting a small business.  What are some of the best small businesses that can be started from home that you have come across in your entrepreneurial journey?


admin February 15, 2010 at 6:27 pm

Thanks for the kind words Leaonard, I’m with ya all the way. Working from home, creating passive income, and keeping overhead and risk low are all on my list of why I like home businesses and think they are the best businesses to start. Thanks for contributing. If you would like to do some linking with this site and others in the network let me know via email.

Leonard February 8, 2010 at 5:38 am

Great article, I agree that working from home is the best way to start a business. Less overhead, less inventory and the tax benefits are outstanding. What a great way to start creating those multiple streams of income, just like the wealthy.

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