Why Web Traffic Varies, Why Friday’s Suck, What To Do About It.

by J.Crawford on November 7, 2008

Online Entrepreneurs need to stay balanced. Especially home based entrepreneurs who can come to rely on the Internet for their connection to society. Take a break Silly!!!

Not Much Traffic Out Here!

Not Much Traffic Out Here!

I’ve been on an Island in Lake Michigan Since Late May. On and off, I should say, don’t call anyone, I’m not stranded or anything, it’s inhabited, sort of. I’ve given a lot of time to being in the woods, sailing, making cool things with stone, and working on my websites. Which is what I’m getting to.

It’s funny how analytical I’ve become in the last few months, and somewhat obsessed, I suppose. I’ve been checking analytics way to much.

Get this- I’m writing a post right now, not to give it all away, but, I’m writing a post on how normal people are out doing things on Friday nights when caffeine ridden webmasters are polishing their calloused mouse fingers.  And Its FRIDAY night… I should have waited… Damn!

Back to my point though, Its probably a good idea to just get away and join the other 95% of the planet at least one night a week. I struggle with this, as I’m a huge fan of momentum. I like working from a place of intention, building momentum, then taking an objective look at results. I find this is much more productive then trying to plan the rest of my life or a whole year in business. It’s a bit of a catch 22 I’d Say.

Online Entrepreneur Comes Clean

I don’t control my traffic count by obsessing over analytics, I don’t control it at all. What I control is what I do on a habitual basis, if I pay attention.  Friday night traffic is just fine even if I get a few hundred less page views. Maybe its a call to join the land of the living, get more in touch with what is pertinent, which will improve results more than anything right?

I don’t want to mess with momentum. Momentum is so easy, so natural… But, in the end what kills it can be rolling with it too long. I find discouragement sets in just about the time I lose focus of the intention I had a week or two before.

Balance is learning to take one step to the side and watch momentum from the side lines for a few days.  Stepping back in with a new perspective puts you back in charge of the reigns and renews your vision. Persistence doesn’t come natural to everyone. This being said if your a hard charger, like I can be, your likely a F— it all for a few days champion too. Here’s the point and a bit of unsolicited advice…

Step back in an intentional productive way instead of a drained, discouraged, and emotional way. You stay in power, and its much more healthy and balanced.

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