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by J.Crawford on May 12, 2010


In this post I’m talking about work at home opportunities in the medical field and some of the aspects you might consider if your looking at business opportunities and seeking out those with staying power.  One idea I’d like to mention right off is the advantage those who have medical backgrounds hold when it comes to starting work at home opportunity that has a primary focus on health and wellness.

Traditionally the nutrition industry has been the backbone of the network marketing industry and in fact the same industry is responsible for bringing some of the best nutritional products and supplements to the marketplace.  Some of the best network marketing opportunities have created several millionaires, but most of those opportunities aren’t anywhere close to the growth phase anymore and many are dwindling away due to normal business cycling and the lack of innovation. Another contributing factor that I can see it the number of options and the ease at which these new opportunities can be communicated over the Internet.

I’ve always respected the network marketing industry for the opportunity it creates for the common person. I know several people who have a really neat life that they love and most came from a place that they really didn’t want to be in.  Let’s face it, a lot of the folks starting a network marketing opportunity are inspired my a job the don’t like and a schedule they have no control over. That said, building a significant income in network marketing takes real work and persistence, just like anything else.

My take on starting home business in the health and wellness industry is this:

  • Having more than one income source is a must in any financial plan where security is a concern.
  • The write tax advantages that come with owning a business, any business, can be significant.
  • The product or service you offer is more value you can bring to your circle of influence.
  • Being an entrepreneur encourages thinking, habits and routine are great, but changing your thinking changes your life.
  • Promoting a product or service that results in the improvement of health and prevention of disease is GOOD.

Recently (winter of 2010) I came across an opportunity in the wellness industry that stopped me in my tracks.  I mean that too.  I see so much in the way of “The Next Big Thing” I usually don’t bat and eye, but this was different.

There is a company with15 years of R & D under its belt that has patented a unique process and product that results in a Personally Customised nutritional supplement (vitamin) based on YOUR DNA….

Isn’t that cool….

That’s what I thought too.

If your looking for a good business idea that is right at the “sweet” spot, I invite you to take a look at the same information that left me second guessing everything I thought about network marketing and “peddling vitamins”

This is a Game Changer~ Go now and learn more about the Opportunity in the Medical Field.

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